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Psy-Q-Chem has worked extensively in the pre-employment field for over 24 years. Psy-Q-Chem associates are consultants and distributors for pre-employment screening services such as third party administrator for drug testing programs, psychological assessments and background investigative services. Psy-Q-Chem has assisted numerous companies in the development and implementation of their drug testing programs in regards to the laboratory, collection site set-up, Medical Review Officer, compliancy reports and consultation on policy and procedures.

Psy-Q-Chem represents OraSure Technologies for its Intercept Oral Fluid Drug Screening Device. Psy-Q-Chem also represents OraSure Technologies for its Q.E.D. Alcohol Saliva Test.

Psy-Q-Chem utilizes four national laboratories for its drug testing services.  We match the laboratory that best fits our client's requirements - even to the point of using multiple laboratories to satisfy both service and economic needs.   Our laboratories are SAMHAS or CLIA certified. 
Psy-Q-Chem has access to over 2,000 laboratory owned and 4,000 third party collection sites across the United States.
Psy-Q-Chem utilizes a national Medical Review Officer for review of  DOT and positive test results.

Psy-Q-Chem is affiliated with a national background investigation company for its Background Reports, Vendor Screenings, Due Diligence Investigations.